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if you like. >>> states have taken action banning eating behind the wheel. now a town's new distracted driving law not only lets cops pull you over for texting while driving but also eating, reading the paper and putting on makeup. is that law appropriate? does it go too far? you can never cross the line in an e-mail to mcginty's mailbag, the address or leave a comment on our facebook page. >>> still ahead topper is back with a look at the upcoming changes in our forecast. in fact, they've already gotten started, but first new york and new jersey not the only places still struggling to recover from hurricane sandy, a look at the superstorm's impact in part of maryland up next. >>> this is a 9 news fiscal cliff note. fact, if congress and the white house don't reach an agreement, your pay economic is going to go down. the reason? because the tax withholding in your paycheck will increase. here's the back story. the current payroll tax cut is set to expire december 31st. in dollars and cents this means your payroll tax withholding is going from 4.2% to 6.2%. now why is
' observations and willing to come forward and tell a teacher, security got involved. we believe that that action prevented a pretty serious situation. >> reporter: authorities don't believe the alleged plan was inspired by the events in newtown, connecticut. they think this was already in the works before the massacre of 26 people at sandy hook elementary. however, the uneasy tensions that many are feeling as a result of sandy hook may have contributed to the authorities being tipped off by the students. >> it may have helped, because there is a heightened awareness and sensitivity to it. >> reporter: back out live here, authorities say they have been in communication with this teen's parents. those parents, according to authorities, said that they did believe that their son actually had access to some weapons therefore making this threat that much more credible, guys. but no weapons, according to police, ever made it here on campus. so that's certainly some good news here. what is still a mystery tonight is what could have caused this teen to plan out such an attack. we'll find out in the days
for action, we the people platform became the most popular cause ever championed on the website. at last check it had 163,000 signatures. here in d.c., dozens of parents, teachers and veterans marched on the national rifle association's headquarters calling on the group to curtail its lobbying efforts. from capitol hill one virginia congressman says the shooting was enough to make him remember think his position on guns -- rethink his position on guns. >> i absolutely believe that americans have a right to reasonable gun ownership, but i also know after this enormous tragedy coming not that long after the tragedy at virginia tech, when my daughters asked me friday night, dad, you're in the senate. why can't we put reasonable restrictions on assault weapons or these rapid fire ammunition clips? i didn't have a good enough answer for them. so i, even as an nra a-rated member believe enough is enough. >> senator warner says as the funerals begin today is not the day to present a specific plan but he hopes in the coming weeks democrats and republicans can come together for a frank conversati
is embedded with marine sharp shooters in action. but first over a career spanning more than 60 years few have earned a more formidable reputation as an analytical thinker than harold brown who was the nation's 14th defense secretary during the carter administration. a true prodigy he earned hi doctorate in physics from columbia university when he was just 21. he started his career at livermore lab in california and eventually moving to the pentagon where he became the director of defense research and engineering then air force secretary and eventually defense secretary. his ability to handle a staggering workload are legend including read and annotating 400 page briefing books overnight. during the career brown shaped fighters like the f-15 and f-16 that remain the air force's backbone fleet today. and championed jointness among the military serv before the failed iran hostage rescue mission convinced others to follow. now 85, brown continues to serve on the defense policy board and is a trustee of the center for strategic and international studies. with joyce winds low, brown recently co-aut
of collecting at least $5,000 for the sherlach family. >>> advocates for gun control are hoping that the actions of newtown is enough to spark debate. >> reporter: i'm kristin fish other capitol hill where today about 200 people marched to the nra headquarters with this message. >> let's stop all the assault weapons. >> i'm here because i'm tired of lighting candles and crying and praying for victims of violent crimes. and i want to do something. >> shame on the nra. shame on the nra. >> reporter: but mid march they hear this. >> arm the teachers, arm the principals. >> reporter: arm the teachers, arm the principals the man is saying. three days after the second worst school shooting in american history, the debate over gun control wages on the sidewalks outside the largest gun lobbying group in the country. >> perhaps the answer is to allow teachers and principals and other people to defend themselves. >> i can't believe that more guns and guns for everyone is the solution. >> we'll be back. >> it's unacceptable when you see these faces. shame on all of us if we're not doing something about it.
. politicians caught off guard by the public fury are now promising action. >> as a woman and mother, i understand how you feel. i appeal to you to remain calm and help strengthen our collective resolve to fight the menace of violence against women. >> reporter: there's widespread public pressure to scale up that fight. all eyes are now on the official investigation into the bus attack, and the indian government clearly feeling the heat has announced that all six alleged rapists would be tried for murder. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> now to syria's civil war. today rebels fighting government forces attacked airports in the northern city of alep po. for the first time syria's national airlines canceled a flight there. in egypt, president morsy made his strongest statement to date in support of the rebels. stating that the assad regime has no place in syria's future. and in moscow, u. n. envoy bramimi warn of total chaos in the mideast if peace can't be negotiated. but russia's foreign minister said his government still backs the regime. a russian passenger jet crashed today whi
sobriety tests. what officers look for and how it all works. >> now we look at the science in action as the officers and our cameras leave the lab and hit the roads. delia goncalves has the exclusive ridealong with park police and this was really interesting. >> reporter: you know, when i spoke to park police during the day, they said these are the signs and this is what we see. we literally saw it all on the roads when we were out with them. this is the holiday season and so certainly very busy for them. unfortunately, when you take a look at this video, it is rare but it does show us just how widespread the problem of drinking and driving is on our local roads. ♪ we first met park police sergeant during the day. >> it's like i say to everybody it's a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: he said his best work at night. so he invited us out friday night to bw parkway. >> we're stopping people that have alcohol levels that are on average a .16 which is double the legal limit. >> reporter: the shift starts off slow for the trained drug recognition expert. >> the
to re-examine questionable prosecutions. but she defends the actions of the police in these two cases. >> anita alvarez: we have not uncovered any evidence of any misconduct by the police officers or the state's attorneys that took the statements in these cases. >> pitts: alvarez still believes the confession terrill swift gave in the nina glover case, despite the fact there was no d.n.a. evidence linking him or the others to the crime. did you find any of the boys' d.n.a. on the victim? >> alvarez: no, we didn't. >> pitts: did you find any of their d.n.a. in the basement of the house? >> alvarez: no. >> pitts: how do you explain that the boys would say they raped a woman and there not be any d.n.a. evidence? doesn't that strike you as odd? >> alvarez: well, we would love to have d.n.a. on everything and every... and every piece of evidence that we have in every crime. but it doesn't necessarily occur. >> pitts: last year, the innocence project retested the one d.n.a. sample that was recovered inside the victim, nina glover. it was submitted to the national d.n.a. database, and a matc
is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. with less pain, i'm feeling better now that i've found lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. ask your doctor if lyrica is right to see remarkable and thought-provoking art with real depth to it, just follow mo rocca. >> reporter: cancun. surf. sand. bikinis. bruschis, girls and guys gone wild. sculpture. wait a minute. sculpture? so where are we now? >> in the museum. reporter: yes, cancun has an art scene. it's not so much underground. as it is i discovered underwater. in spanish it stands for museum of underwater
've delivered that message clearly. our actions are we operate in there. we will continue to operate in there, there being the south china sea and all international waters. we're very upfront about it. working with our allies establishes a common set of protocols, again deliver a clear message, be professional about it and talk with the chinese navy as we are. we have the military maritime consultant agreement talks, a series of talks by the pacific commander and his staff and many members in our navy and we also have flag officers talking. that must continue. >> do you also need to be investing in antimissiles, missiles in order to better protect the battle force and at what time do you spend so much defensive capability that you don't have so much offensive capability? >> you need joint access. that's there. we find the means to do that. when one considers defense, i'll talk about that in just a minute. you need to look at the whole spectrum in order for one to conduct any kind of an attack whether it's a ballistic or cruise missile, you have to find somebody. then you have to make sure it'
action including a game that matters that you will be watching, i know, and it all begins with "the nfl today," dan, coach, shannon and boomer on "the nfl today" presented by southwest airlines and obviously, big ben and the steelers taking on the bengals the one that you will be keeping a watchful eye on. >> greg: i am going to have a bit of an interest. >> clark: ohio state, if they can somehow get a stop here and convert, very much right back in it. they'll maximize as much of the shot clock -- >> tim: there is craft doing what he does naturally. >> greg: the defense is giving them a chance. >> clark: exactly. >> tim: smith over the -- was that an over the back? i think it may have been. thad matta is in disbelief. i thought that was a long rebound. looks like it might be clean but a call that goes the other way, and kansas gets to the freeing line. >> clark: and it is the double bonus for the jayhawks. >> tim: that's right, two shots for young. you could almost see that in that sequence what you were talking about earlier when the shots aren't falling, even deshaun thomas aimed that
for immediate action is here. it is now. we're now at the point where in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. every american's paycheck will get considerably smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy it would be bad for middle class families and it would be bad for businesses that depend on family spending. fortunately congress can prevent it from happening if they act right now. i just add good and constructive discussion here at the white house with senate and house leadership about how to prevent this tax hike on the middle class. and i'm optimistic we may still be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time. senators reed and mcconnell are working on such an agreement as we speak. but, if an agreement isn't reached in time, between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring it to floor a basic package for an up or down vote, one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance to 2 million americans looking for a job, and
a compromise. >>> and less dairy for your dollar. without action by congress by new year's day, milk prices could skyrocket. >> if we want to continue to eat, the bill needs to be passed. that's where we get our food, people. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, december 28th, 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm duarte geraldino. this afternoon president obama will meet with congressional leader to try to come to a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. they've been called into a sunday evening session just in case some deal can be reached. boehner is expected to attend the white house meeting but he's made it very clear. the next move is up to the senate. tara mergener has more. >> good morning, duarte. both sides say they are eager to talk and ready to strike a deal. the fiscal cliff is still a few days away, but business owner don carlino says he's already feeling the impact. >> a lot of our customers are holding back, they're apprehensive. they're not committing to projects. they're waiting to see what happens with the fiscal cliff. >> hope
. >> i'm urging congress to take action, stop playing games, and let's move on. >> reporter: frustration has boiled over for bob packer, a small business owner. >> i'm disappointed and angry. if they were my representeddives, i'd certainly vote them out of office. >> on tie mitchell of brokering a deal is waning. >> we do have a chance, an outside chance to get this done. >> we need two words. presidential leadership, on not just taxing rich people. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers are calling on the house speaker to call house republicans back to work. >> bring the house back now. show up to work. >> reporter: the speaker has ordered republicans back on sunday but democrats want them to return sooner. both sides are blaming each other for the lack of compromise. democrats say house speaker is boehner is holding all the cards. >> the speaker of the house has got to allow a vote. he has got to allow the full house to work their will and get it done. so far he has been unwilling to do that. >> reporter: in the final hours and days before the end of the year, bob packer knows this tim
these holds that go on indefinitely and block nominations and legislative action is unacceptable. we have seen -- we have seen on struck shun used as a partisan tal. the one thing i would say, i think we're at a defining moment. james baker's old phrase. this is really a time when we will find out whether the senate can reverse its decline, and i'm more optimistic. >> what gives you that sense of optimism? >> number one, i believe that the public demands it. number two, i think that many of the senators are as angry and frustrated with the current situation as the public is. they don't think they were sent to washington to be partisans. they think they were sent to solve the nation's problems. and number three, the problems and particularly dramatized by the terrible events at newtown, the problems are there to be addressed. and i think that this is a defining moment. i think it is going to change. >> and we do need to have some really, really great minds come back in, like lugar and snowe >>> as part of the latest defense budget congressional leaders around the administration put acrimo
to meaningful action, and is meaningful action a ban on assault weapons and more? >> yes. yes to all of those, but to break it down, there is no doubt i think right now, all of us, all of us are citizens and residents of newtown, connecticut. that's number one. i think there's a genuine outpouring in the country for action that this type of event is -- you know, the tectonic shift in attitudes, that's number one. you have to have when reauthorization of the assault weapon ban, when i worked for president clinton we fought to get it to pass the house by one vote. i remember there was an attempt to pull it out of the crime bill. we kept it in and finally got it done. it was bipartisan when it passed. second, you have to deal with the clips and the straw purchases, which is how guns bled into urban and other areas vie at brady bill that deals with stores and at regular kind of merchants. almost 40% to 50% of the guns are guns through store purchases. and you must cover and deal with that kind of -- where guns seep into the rest of society. so in that comprehensive faction. everything in my view,
what can be done to better protect americans from mass shootings like this. the possible actions he's considering include new gun control laws and the president could also try to enact some new gun rules through executive orders as well. >>> if you are having trouble coping with the tragedy from newtown, you can call 211 for advice or even counseling. it's a free service staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with operators who speak more than 200 languages. 211 is available to residents in virginia, maryland and the district. >>> other news now, the hunt continues in fort washington, maryland for thieves who broke into a home and shot a person inside it. this happened this morning along lofton road near camelot way. the men demaed some money and jewelry. police say the homeowner was shot during the back during the scuffle. his injuries are not life threatening. >>> after weeks of deadlock, there are some signs the fiscal cliff deal may finally be getting close to getting done. danielle nottingham has more on president obama's latest counteroffer to prevent the end of year tax hi
the dialogue and it should move beyond dialogue. we need action. >> reporter: a newly formed grass roots group called newtown benefit and the misfortune of being on the national stage right now. this is a real opportunity for us to make a statement. >> reporter: as the police investigation continues, the governor of connecticut has asked for a moment of silence to take place this 9:30 a.m. exactly one week after this tragedy happened. in newtown, connecticut, i'm torrey done fan reporting. >> the psychologist that heroically tried to stop the gunman has a daughter that attends georgetown university. katie sherlach is a ph.d. candidate in chemistry. her mother is mary. the law center has launched a fund raising campaign with a goal of collecting at least $5,000 for the sherlach family. >>> at 6:06 in other news long serving hawaii senator and decorated world war ii hero daniel inouye has died. he was 88 years old. he died monday after being hospitalized for respiratory complications. the democrat was elected in 1962 and has been a senator for all but three of hawaii's 53 years as a state. his o
.k. that have reduced mass shootings? what actions can be taken? >> of households that have both guns and young children in them, more than 50% of the respondents say that the gun is stored, not locked up. >> reporter: another question. how can we convince gun enthuse arizonas that controls -- enthuseiasts that controls don't end the right to own guns. >> one fear is that greater restrictions are a step down the slippier slope towards completely banning handguns, but that option has now been taken off the political table by the supreme court. so gun enthusiasts shouldn't have anything to fear from universal background checks. >> reporter: another question you had. how do we get more guns into the hands of responsible people and more guns at school to prevent similar scenarios from happening? >> the argument goes criminals will be afraid of encountering an armed civilian. unfortunately the research doesn't bear that out. there isn't credible, responsible, persuasive evidence that arming civilians actually reduces rates of crime. >> andrea reports we're likely to see more discussion of universal
action and insisting that republicans agree to increase the existing marginal tax rates on the wealthiest top 2% of u.s. taxpayers. and of course, there is more to the deal. but there will be no negotiations on that big part of the deal unless that tax on the wealthiest 2% is negotiated now. the president could not be more emphatic in stressing the indispensable element of surmounting the cliff is that super-rich revenue. >> we're not insisting on rates just out of spite. or out of any kind of partisan bickering. but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> okay. here is john boehner, the republican house speaker. >> if you look at the plans that the white house have talked about thus far, they couldn't pass either house of the congress. >> republicans proposed raising $800 billion in extra revenues. and that revenue should come through tax reform and closing loopholes. happy new year. question, patrick, looking into the crystal ball and tell us about this january 1 monetary nuclear bomb. are we going over the cliff, patrick? >> i think i believe we may not be going
, game high 22. patriots knock off richmond 67- 64 wow. what great action. >>> matter of hours we're going to find out whether rg3 and rust go together. griffin musted last week's game in cleveland. this week he's hailed as being healed by the coaches and the doctors who say he is ready to go in time for a visit to the link. nothing like a tough nfc division east game to chew on when you desperately need a win. the eagles have had their wings clips but they're dangerous and griffin is taking care of himself too. don't get hurt man. >> one two, throw it out of bounds. i think that's a faulty approach to the game. but you know i get where everyone is coming from and i'll continue to protect myself and this latest injury. could have happened to anybody. you know i was getting down and it is what it is. and i have to move on from there. >> that's the redskins' story. over to the ravens now. reeling disarray. two words to describe the dirty birds who have lost three straight and blown out the offensive coordinator michael & son weather camera ron. the defense -- cam cameron. the defens
involved have been questioned and discipline near action will be taken. >>> fresh testimony at the pretrial hearing for bradley manning, the private charged with giving u.s. government secrets to wikileaks. at issue whether the nine months manning spent in the brig amounted to illegal punishment, and if it did, should the case be dismissed because of it? today the top administrator says brig officials used improper procedures to recommend that manning be held in maximum custody. >>> tonight we've got an update on the tragic death of a new york city man whose final moments were captured in that picture. tonight a 30-year-old homeless man faces second-degree charges of murder. davis is accused of shoving that victim following a confrontation. davis has a long record in new york and pennsylvania. police say the victim tried to climb a few feet to safety but got trapped between the train and the platform's edge. what was planned as a birthday party for jazz great dave brubeck is now becoming a memorial tribute. brubeck died today in connecticut one day shy of his 92nd birthday. gotta know that
lawmakers take action on deficit reduction in the next few months and that more tax revenue could be involved in those discussions. but republicans are furious at that possibility. >> i'm willing to support revenue to deal with this problem. the overall problem. but what i will not agree to is using revenue to replace spending reductions. >> reporter: even if the senate frawfs deal by midnight the house still has to pass the measure before the president can sign into it law. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >> even if it takes a few days to finish lawmakers say the cuts will be made retroactively but for federal employees they could go to work on wednesday not knowing if they will be sent home. if those automatic spending cuts kick in, there might not be enough money to run their agencies. kristen. >> reporter: the words that i keep hearing over and over are us from straight and confused. people are very frustrated with all this uncertainty, congress, and even the phrase fiscal cliff. at the same time people are confused and very concerned about what going over the cliff is
, very good job. >> reporter: this is live it, learn it in action. >> live it, learn it is a nonprofit organization in washington d.c. that creates rigorous academically focused field trips for students with some of the high e needs. we want to make sure -- highest needs. we want to make sure students are connecting with the real world. >> of. >> reporter: in the end plan approved, but there is one more thing. >> well, we actually did need picnic tables. >> reporter: prop solved. they spent the -- problem solved. they spent the afternoon be those picnic tables today at the maintenance yard. >> these benches are actually going to be used during the inauguration. what do you guys think of that? >> yea! >> i wanted to be an actor, but a park ranger would be my second choice. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >>> just a short time ago president obama and the rest of the first family flipped a switch on the national christmas tree illuminating d.c. for the holidays, part of a star studded show that's still going on. >> it is very nice looking. >>> coming up tonight
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, a third will help you take action and the fourth will hold lawmakers accountable. you can get alerts sent straight to your phone about all our fiscal cliff notes by texting the cliff to 525 eowe to 25 -- the cliff to 25543. >>> time for your money segment of the morning. it is the final trading week of the year for the stock market. the fiscal cliff is scaring investors. stocks sank friday as the economy inches closer to going over the edge. the dow was down 120 points. the nasdaq down 29. the s&p slipped 13 and a half points. >>> the stock market is on track, though, for its fourth straight year of gains. the dow is up overall nearly 8%. the nasdaq has rallied more than 15% so far this year. the stock market is closed tomorrow for the christmas break. there will still be plenty of economic reports to sift through this week, including the latest on home prices and sales, consumer confidence and jobless claims. >>> it's not only investors but washington's failure to agree on a budget is affecting everyday americans' confidence about their finances. the university of michigan says its consu
a garden and all of it and now it's nothing. >> reporter: you see this root action? >> see how gnarly that looks. this thing actually looks like something in a sci-fi. >> reporter: weeks ago howard cut the stuff to the ground in his yard. it is already back. the first day you'll see the shoot come out of the ground and by the fourth day it's over 6 feet. >> reporter: howard is not nearly alone. bamboo grows between houses through fences and spreads like cancer to the next unlucky yard. sometimes it even gets through concrete and foundations. residents cut it down to make trellises and gates, but there's always more where that comes from and now mount rainier is considering a ban to make it illegal to plant this stuff ever again. >> a nonindigenous species of anything is just an aberration and be that fish or flora or fauna. it doesn't belong here. >> reporter: he's very much in favor of the ban even though he knows it's not going to do him a lot of good. he doesn't need a ban. he needs a bulldozer. in mount rainier, scott broom, 9 news now. >> over, my. he sure does -- oh, my. he s
as a no non-conservative-- they passed a lot of things there has not been action on in the senate, and that's the majority leader's prerogative. but if you take it and bend it to the will of the senate and send it back, that's how you get compromise. to not move dismingz not ever establish the process-- i think speaker boehner has done a good job in the members he has. i think they maid mistake in not supporting plan b. we would have modified it and sent it back and then they would have had it make a decision on it. the basic fact is the government is twice the size it was 11 years ago. and nobody in washington is doing anything to fix the growth of government to where we have one that we can afford. un, we're going to have to grow at 8%, 9%, if we think we can outgrow it. that isn't going to happen. we have to do the things we have to modernize medicare. we have to achieve real save that is won't change health care but will actually save some money. >> o'donnell: do you think there's an advantage to going over the fiscal cliff? >> i think there are a couple of advantages. therthere are a l
that russia is finally willing to take u.n. action to send a message to bashar al assad to stop the killing. one of april saud's few remaining allies and so faro posed action to intervene the crisis that killed nearly 40,000 people. >> margaret, charlie rose here. has the report that david martin has, the story that david martin has reported that they're mixing the ingredients of chemical weapons influenced what the russians may be doing? >> reporter: well, the russian foreign minister said that the assad government assures them that the reports that syria is readying chemical weapons are rumors. adamant among today's meeting, charlie, a signal russia wants to be a part of what comes next. if clinton can get them to support at the security council, they could roll out tough sanctions cutting syria off from any remains support. >> where does the violence stand? >> reporter: well, charlie, we're told that rebels surround the city of damascus which has been an assad stronghold. secretary of state hillary clinton says that bash ar al assad assad-o could use chemical weaps to hold on to power an
as the fiscal cliff. today, the president met with congressional leaders at the white house, but the action is now in the u.s. senate, where the republican and democratic leaders are trying to find some sort of compromise. but if they can't, the president is insisting on an up and down vote on his plan in both the house and senate. the vote in the news room tonight was to have gary nurenberg fill us in. gary? >> reporter: derek, how absurd is this? almost no one wants the country to see that combination of huge spending cuts and tax increases, but month after month after month, congress has been unable to cut a deal to avoid them. how absurd is this? so absurd the president is quoting yogi berra to describe it. >> this is deja vu all over again. america wonders why it is that in this town for some reason, you can't get stuff done in an organized timetable, why everything has to wait until the last minute. we're now at the last minute. >> reporter: the president spoke after a meeting where republican and democratic senate leaders agreed to try to find a solution. >> we're out of town. we've
>> glor: tonight, fiscal cliff hanger. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> glor: president obama speaks to the nation after speaking with congressional leaders. reports from major garrett and nancy cordes. elaine quijano on the family heartbreak after russia's president bans all adoptions to americans. >> we ask president putin, please, can he set an alternate means but don't let me children suffer. >> glor: he met saddam hussein and made it look easy. david martin on the death of general norman schwarzkopf and what the world did not know about him. and "on the road" with steve hartman as a man tries to save his wife of 56 years. an unusual request that gets a surprising response. >> got two of them and i only need one. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm jeff glor. it is the end of a holiday week, but it would appear congress is just getting started. tonight, the president said he is mottestly optimistic about a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, which would mean avoiding aut
. speaking out for a political action committee, the group says the gun rights group is partly to ballistic missile for tragedies like newtown. but the executive director of gun owners of america thinks principals and teachers should carry guns to prevent tragedies like newtown. >> there are members of congress that would like to see the school zone gun ban done away with. and i think that's encouraging. >> reporter: pro-gun rights senator joe mansion of west virginia called on the gun industry to come together with congress to work on what he called a reasonable approach to curbing gun violence. he said all options should be on the table. cbs news, new york. >>> there is progress to report on fiscal cliff negotiations. two weeks from today, the painful series of spending cuts and tax increases will automatically go into effect if washington can't come up with a budget deal. late monday, though, we learned congressional republicans and the president are narrowing the gap in tmorning to you, terrell. well, raising taxes on the wealthy is the biggest issue during these negotiations. but this
you for what could happen to you and your family. a third will help you take action and the fourth will hold lawmakers accountable. you can get alerts about all our fiscal cliff notes by texting the cliff to 25543. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell's revised budget includes modest spending increases for health care and teacher raises. it includes $59 million for a 2% teacher pay hike, $70 million to hold down state employee health insurance rates and $128 million to deposit into the state's rainy day fund. governor mcdonnell says he is tempering the state's projected revenue over the next year because of the economic shock which could come if our nation goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> sad day on capitol hill. hawaii's senator daniel inouye died monday after he was hospitalized with respiratory complications. >> his colleagues in the senate honored the 88-year-old who they say was far more than just a politician. bigad shaban takes a look back at his life. >> reporter: democrat daniel inouye was the second longest serving u.s. senator and third in line for the presidency. he was a
demanded action from the president today. new york mayor michael bloomberg says president obama isn't vigorously enforcing background checks on gun buyers and he criticized mr. obama for not naming a permanent director for the federal agency that enforced gun laws. we talked to the mayor today and we pointed out to him that many millions of americans disagree with gun control. >> lots of people think we shouldn't have speed limits. we still have speed limits. lots of people think we shouldn't have public schools. we still have public schools. lots of people are against a lot of different things. a democratic society you have to come together and what a majority of the people want. and every time somebody's on a poll the majority of people want sensible gun restrictions. >> pelley: and in your opinion sensible gun restrictions would include what? >> no guns in the hands of minors, no guns in the hands of criminals, no guns in the hands of people with psychiatric problems, no guns in the hands of people with substance abuse problems, no guns in the hands of people that we put on the n
they fight on all key fronts. they're involved in many of the key actions. >> these are not people we want to win. >> but the rebels making inroads on damascus itself, monitoring of syrian bases like this where chemical weapons are stored has detected evidence the assad regime may be preparing to use them in a last ditch attempt to save itself, an act the obama administration has warned could trigger military intervention. >> worst-case scenarios are threatening to become reality. >> it's to the going to be a clean outcome. in the best of circumstances. now it will be chaotic and messy. >> the u.s. is helping to organize the opposition's military command and later this week is expected to officially recognize its political leadership. what impact that has on the outcome of the civil war remains to be seen. >> david martin, thank you. in egypt the concession offered late yesterday by president mohammed morsi has failed to satisfy hits opponents. and tonight the regime appears to be preparing for the long haul. allen pizzey is in cairo. >> in a scene of chaotic as the country's politics, egy
happen to you and your family. a third will help you take action and the fourth will hold lawmakers accountable. you can get alerts sent straight to your phone about all our fiscal cliff notes by texting the cliff to 25543. >>> senator michael crapo of ied low has been arrested -- idaho has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. he was pulled over sunday morning for running a red light in virginia. he failed a field sobriety test. the senator issued a statement saying he was deeply sorry and would deal with whatever penalty comes his way. he's due in court january 4. >>> former president george h.w. bush may not be home in time for christmas. doctors at a houston hospital say the 41st president needs to build up his energy before he can be released. the 88-year-old bush was hospitalized november 23 for a bronchitis-related cough. >>> president obama was among the more than 1,000 people attending a memorial service for the late hawaii senator daniel inouye. the army veteran and war hero died of respiratory complications last monday. hawaii's governor and military
saying he was deeply sorry for his actions and would deal with whatever penalty comes his way. the senator is due in court on january 4th. >>> it was a mad rush today to get those last-minute gifts. but in other places getting a lot of businesses is the grocery store. apparently folks are not only interested in fathering around the christmas tree, they're also interested in gathering around the dinner table. surae chinn reports on the quest for preparing that perfect holiday dinner. >> you're real busy here today. >> we want to finish and go home. >> reporter: there's a lot to do before christmas and a lot to cook for. >> we have eight total and cooking for three vegetarians. >> i'm beginning to panic a little bit, but i'm okay. as long as the redskins win today we'll be about. >> reporter: barbara has her menu. >> we're greek and we're preparing a rack of lamb and i'm doing a tenderloin. >> we're preparing ham and mashed potatoes and all the traditional christmas dinner. >> and gravy. >> lamb and wild rice and salad and i'm going to make a vegetable casserole. >> reporter: an
newsroom into four different teams to help hold lawmakers accountable, help you take action, focus on the impact to our local economy and, of course, focus on the impacts to you and your family. if you want an alert sent straight to your cell phone all about the fiscal cliff notes, you can text the cliff to the numbers 25543. >>> moving on to same sex couples, they started lining up before midnight to be among the first to get licenses to get married in washington state. they can start tying the knot there on sunday. closer to home in maryland couples could start getting their licenses this week, but they won't be able to actually marry until the first of the year. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in rockville where the turnout of same sex couples was far lighter but no less ecstatic. >> so excited. i cannot believe this day is here. i cannot believe it. >> reporter: karen croning of potomac and her partner of 29 years were just the second same sex couple to receive a license at montgomery county circuit courthouse. >> we could have gone on to d.c., but we want to be married in mary
. >> the more colorful, the more action, the more eye popping things, that's our definition of ugly. >> ugly christmas sweaters sell between $20 and $50 each. he ships about 40 of them a day. >> i wonder if he has the little earring tree accessories to go along with them. >>> another cool day. howard is off today. olga will be back in two minutes with your friday forecast. >> one of the most profitable companies in the united states announces plans to return some of its manufacturing here to america. >> t mobile announces plans to begin selling the iphone. >> stay with us. 9news returns in two minutes. >>> welcome back at 4:39. i'm olga breese in for howard this morning. doppler picking up on some moisture. we'll see some showers this morning. i expect the showers to continue. temperatures should make it into the middle range 50s and then we cool down nicely tonight with a warmer day tomorrow. >>> in the district, all the potomac and anacostia crossings are incident free. there is construction, though, in place here on the inbound side of canal road as you exit for the key bridge. you'll hav
has discovered more. >> reporter: the hard part was not getting in the way. >> and action. reporter: we were on the set as season 3 of downtown abbey was being shot. >> i've given my life to downtown. >> reporter: for a downtown fan like me, it was an adjustment realizing the phenomenon is fictional. >> his wardrobe or his house or his heating bills, thankfully. >> reporter: behind the the scenes of downtown abbey later this sunday morning. >> osgood: bruno mars is one of the biggest names in the music world today but his success was anything but written in the stars. he'll be talking about it with our lee cowan. >> reporter: he is pop music's stylish wonder-kid. bruno mars has taken the charts by storm. but his first label dropped him. he almost didn't get another. >> why would we sign you if they didn't get you right? it's your fault, you know. >> reporter: how bruno mars bounced back. later on sunday morning. >> osgood: the way hollywood special effects people create vivid images is about much more than technology alone. as far as we the viewers are concerned, it's magic. anthony
shootings. what actions can be taken? >> households that have both guns and young children in them, more than 50% of the respond dents say that the gun is -- pond dents -- respondenss say that the gun is not locked up. >> reporter: how can we convince gun enthaisists to controls don't eliminate the right to legitimately and safely own guns? >> the option has now been taken off the political table by the supreme court. so gun enthusiasts really shouldn't have anything to fear from universal background checks. >> reporter: another question you had: how do we get more guns into the hands of responsible people and more guns at school to prevent similar scenarios from happening? >> the argument goes criminals will be afraid of encountering an armed civilian. unfortunately the research doesn't bear that out. there isn't credible, responsible speaker -- responsible persuasive evidence that arming civilians reduces crime. >> we are likely to see more of a discussion, bruce, on those universal background checks as well as potential policy change. the military assault style weapons now apparently
increases of $2,000 if congress doesn't take action. so everyone agrees let's spare middle-class families. the only thing that folks are disagreeing on are two other proposals that could possibly solve this fiscal crisis. the first proposal, democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy 2%. but republicans favor tax reform instead. they say raising taxes on the wealthy could hurt business. the other solution, possible solution involves raising the debt ceiling. president obama advice sid a falls church -- visited a falls church family. the president says it's imperative that congress act now. >> it's very important that we get this done now. that we don't wait. we're in the midst of the christmas season of the american people are counting on this getting solved. the closer it gets to the brink, the more stressed they're going to be good by demanding the power to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants by as much as he wants, he showed what he's really after is assuming unprecedented power to spend taxpayer dollars without any limit at all. >> reporter: senator mitch mcconnell talking abou
condition including other issues associated with her concussion and will determine if any further action is required. and when asked if secretary clinton is still able to work her spokesperson reply thad the secretary of state is the secretary of state. >> margaret brennan. thank you. medical correspondent jon lapook is here. he's affiliated with the presbyterian hospital where secretary clinton is being treated but you're not involved with her treatment. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. let me ask you. how serious is this that they're keeping the secretary in the hospital for at least 48 hours. >> that depends on a lot of questions we don't know. i am familiar with columbia. i haven't spoken with any of the doctors who are taking care of the secretary. but here are some things that are running through my head. it's unusual that somebody would get blood thinners after they've had a blow to their head. the last thing you would want to do is thin their blood. so trying to figure out what could have happened here. she had some sort of concussion two to three weeks ago. she fell, she h
to talk about what can be done to better protect americans from that shooting. a possible action includes new gun control laws and the president could try to attack -- enact some new gun rules through executive order. >>> residents in maryland, virginia and the district are just three digits away from help if they're having trouble coping with the event in newtown. you can call 211 for advice or counseling. the free service is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week with operators who speak more than 200 languages. >>> it is 5:05. let's go to something a little lighter, your money report this morning. jessica is off. we still have the numbers for you. overseas trading is looking up this morning. the major asian exchanges posted gains in tuesday's trading, this after a pretty nice rebound at home. the dow was up a hundred points. nasdaq picked up 39. the s&p 500 was 17 on the plus side. >>> there are more signs of movement when it comes to the fiscal cliff negotiations. president obama met with house speaker john boehner once again yesterday at the white house. john boehner is now willing
, thrift store and yard sale across six different states. >> the more colorful, the more action, the more eye popping things, that's our definition of ugly. >> that works. >> the ugly christmas sweaters sell for 20 to $50 each. some people may find them tack tacky, but mccarthy says it's been beautiful for him. he's ship being out those sweaters at a pace of 40 r day. >> one year didn't you guys have us wear ugly sweaters and i was the only one who wore one? that's what happened. you guys mess up everythi. >>> still ahead how some holiday decorations could turn your celebration -- you see what's happening there. that's not good. >> reporter: a historic day in maryland, so why did just a handful of same sex couples turn up? i'm bruce leshan, the answer just on the other side of the break. >>> this is a 9 news fiscal cliff note. >> fact, the cost of your child care will be higher because the child care tax deduction is being eliminated. the cost of child care itself is not impacted, but if you deducted x for your child care on your income tax the end of 2012, you will no longer be able to
so many rounds. if some of these-- we can't stop every crazy person from taking on actions. but there are, as you were trying to point out with the earlier guest, 30,000 deaths, gun-related deaths a year in america. no single law is going to stop all of those. but if we can cut it in half, or cut it by 20%, or even cut it by a tenth, that's still thousands of lives. and maybe we wouldn't have some of those horrible images as we see right now, these children being buried. >> schieffer: i think we reestablished communications with texas. senator hutch son, you were talking about you do suggest, at least schools being able to put police in schools if they think it's needed. but how about some of these other things? what about this idea of a ban on assault weapons? what about, as senator warn ser talking about, restricting the sales of these magazines that have 30 rounds in a clip? how do you feel about that? >> you know, i think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips. i think that does need to be looked at. we do have a ban on assault weapon
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